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Fml I did not follow my own rules


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Jan 1, 2021
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So last night was the last night of 2020 and well lets say I said goodbye to 2020 and my tello..... I flew my tello at night just before 12am to record all the fireworks and well I ended up losing it. I then ran around the property dying to find the drone WiFi ssid and we managed to find it but I do not know hoe to work out where it may of crashed. I saw a 70 db signal strength for like a brief few moments before the bloody system overheated and shut down. I don't know how much of a radius I should be looking in for the drone. Like how far away from me would 70db be so I can create a circle around the point where I lost the drone to search within. The video recorded does not give me any indication to where it crashed. I find it stupid the drone shuts off after like a min or 2. The drone should have a fricken bluetoothLe module or some form of WiFi system that functions after the drone has powered off due to overheating to allow for signal strength based recovery. Like an app that is designed to assist finding your drone using triangulation by making you stand in 3 points on a Google earn overlay or something and then measure signal strength and then use that data to assist you plotting a calculated possible point on the map where your drone may be. I cannot tell you how sad I am peeps. I am not wealthy or financially well off and this drone was 6 months saving the little I could and even bought a used 1 as new was too expensive. If anyone has any old tello or any other drone that they are willing to donate so I can try create my idea of a drone triangulation app. I am pretty sure I am not the only person that's lost a tello and spent hours searching without any success.


Dec 29, 2020
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Why is it overheating? When in flight it should be fine. I know that’s the least of your problems. I wouldn’t fly at night unless you’re using the FPV app and have it set to cancel Tello landings but even then there’s some forced landings it won’t cancel. At night it just can’t see anything with the VPS and I guess you can’t set it to fly without.

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