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Had to get another Tello after selling my previous one.


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Mar 3, 2018
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Hi, Tello fans. I've had a Mavic Pro Platinum, a Tello and a Spark. I sold them all. Now I have a Mini 2. But like so many, I missed my Tello and just had to get another one. They have some tenure on the market but there is nothing like a Tello, a tough, versatile and fun drone. When I go walking in my rural area it is so easy to just launch my Tello for a higher perspective and very nice photos. This last time I didn't bother with a GameSir controller. I just fly mine quickly using the phone screen only. I never had to replace a motor. Just wondering if many of you still have your original Tello and still have good functioning motors or if you've had to replace some. And I also wonder how many of you have other drones but still cherish your Tello like I do. Thanks.
I only have Tellos and a Mini these days. The mini gets very little use, mostly I use Tello to have some fun.
I use Tello + phone only, and sometimes the VR headset + controller for indoor FPV. I almost never bother to hook up the extender - if I need range or video quality I just use the Mini.

Currently I have Tello #1 sitting on the shelf, 2 in active use and 2 spares.
Meanwhile I have 9 Tello EDU (8 for formations) and one RMTT (Robomaster Tello Talent) - all used regularly.

Mavic Air 2S sitting on the shelf, only used 3 times this year...
I have 2 Tellos that my 6 year old grandson and 3 year old granddaughter fly, while I play with 2 Phantom P3Ps. I, also, have a BNIB Never Activated Phantom P4P V1 that I have been sitting on since February 2017.

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