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Hello from Croatia with a photo of my setup


Jan 5, 2019
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Playing with Tello for the last two weeks, such a nice little drone, the SDK really makes it interesting to play with. Hopefully i'll get a build of the Tellometrik ready during next week and share it here.


Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 02.17.49.png
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Welcome to the forum.
I hope you will find our site helpful and look forward to any input , photo's/video's you might post .
Don't be shy and ask anything if you can't find it by searching .

Thanks for the feedback!

I've released the tellometrik on github -> tellometrik/tellometrik

It is an nodejs/electron app with:

  • PS4 Dualshock controller support for controlling Tello
  • Telemetry data display
  • Wifi and Dualshock autoconnect
  • Three video streams modes supported (mplayer, ffmpeg, jmuxer)
I'll try to update the code as much as i can, any contributions are more than welcome!

I tested the app only on OsX, but it 'should' work on windows and linux too.

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You did an amazing work !
...actually I don't have a dualshock controller but a Gamesir T1d only.
But I think that your interface it's great to control Tello directly form PC.

I suggest to add commands also from keyboard.
Could be great if it will be possible to read a commands list from an input file, with a sort of a pre-calculate "mission".

Once again, my best compliments !
Yes, keyboard controls and "mission files" are something that i will try to look into, i'll see if i can reuse some of the implementation for mission files already available at jsolderitsch/tello-nodejs and keyboard control from here: SovGVD/nodetello

Ideally i would like for tellometrik to

  • support more advanced controls (height and speed limits, ev values, more detailed flight logs etc) that are not documented in the sdk.
  • store flight logs in csv files locally
  • record video and convert it to .mp4 files on demand
  • support for more gamepads
  • better telemetry data displays
But we'll see what the future holds
Hmm i just tested a ps4 controller here: HTML5 Gamepad Tester

it seems it is possible to connect dualshock without native npm modules, so it should support many more controllers - i'll look into this

@DinoBaldi If you get the time can you check out on the html5gamepad.com is the Gamesir T1d supported?

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