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Hello from Dorset (UK)


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Apr 2, 2018
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Dorset, UK
Hello All

I have recently purchased my Tello and I have to say I am very impressed with the drone. It's lots of fun to fly but as reported in other threads there are a couple of bugs. I currently have a support ticket open with Ryze support so I thought I would share some information. To confirm I am running the Tello app on Android 8.

Firstly Ryze support have been really good. I have had quick responses and good feedback. They want to help which is a big tick in my books.

Bug 1. When you select 'Land on hand' the app shows the 'Throw and go' text. Ryze support have acknowledged the bug and escalated to engineering.

Bug 2. App settings get reset at each start. This is a known issue and engineering are working on a fix

Bug 3. Flips are not completed when battery falls below 50%. Ryze support have acknowledged the bug and escalated to engineering.

Bug 4. Scratch commands are not completed successfully. Ryze support have acknowledged the bug and escalated to engineering.

App crashing:

The Tello app has crashed my OnePlus 5T on several occasions. I have discovered the following talking to Ryze support.

The drone automatically lands if there is no connection between the drone and mobile device for 1 minute.

Crash logs are automatically uploaded to Ryze when the app is started and the Tello is not connected. They should be cumulative so do not overwrite on each launch. Ryze support have no access to these logs as they go straight to the engineering servers.

Max height:

The max height setting of 10m was set as part of the latest firmware. I understand it was previously 20m but I cannot confirm this.

I hope this information is useful and I look forward to being part of the forum.


Hey there, I'm a UK Tello pilot as well (y) I've been having a great time fling it around and it's good to see they are responding to peoples problems. I have an Iphone and the app has crashed three times on me now! not good when your flying outdoors, but I must say the Tello has performed fantastically when that happened and just waited mid air till I started the app again. Today was fun though when I flew it and the battery on my phone ran out :ROFLMAO: It was hovering about 12ft in the air and I was thinking I'm gonna have to wait for the battery to run out to get it back but luckily there's a failsafe that lands it after 1 min of no connection. Welcome to the forum :)

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