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Hello from the U.K. ??


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Mar 29, 2018
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Hi all I’ve just received the tello yesterday and having a blast with it already. I usually play around with race quadcopters and FPV style quads so the latency lag is seriously noticeable ? but that’s not what this little quad was built for and have loved just taking it slow and not having to carry around a ton of gear! I’ve done a video with some clips from the Tello on YouTube if any of you want to check it out. Here’s the link
I also have a Instagram page called TelloPilot ironically, where I will post images and video footage from the Tello. Looking forward to reading and sharing experiences with the Tello and can’t wait to see the next iteration of it as I recon it’s gonna be a game changer when they sort out a few issues.
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Great video, beautiful scenery. I'm like you, I wish the Tello had onboard storage though.
Thanks, it sure is a nice part of the country. I’m sure the next iteration will have an SD card slot, especially seems as how popular it has become. I have an idea for a 3D printed case so that’s my next project for the Tello ?

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