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Jun 13, 2018
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I usually fly the awesome Mavic Pro, but at less than 100 bucks the Tello was irresistible. I've flown low-end drones before and the Tello is just in a different category. It is incredibly stable and is very quiet, so it is useful in places where the Mavic Pro would be intrusive. It's also incredibly portable - I recommend getting a case for it though, there are plenty on the market specifically for the Tello. I haven't tried to code it yet, but there are both a public API and a secret API for it. It's got some neat tricks out of the box and I can see hackers coming up with new ones.

It would be churlish to complain about it, give the price and performance. However, the 10m limit is harsh (but can be over-ridden with the TALS app). It really doesn't cope well with wind and can get confused over water, so be wary! The camera is fixed and not as high res as the Mavic Pro.

I find it useful for shots and video where a slightly different POV makes for a more interesting picture, whether it be architectural pics or friends out for a picnic. Interested to hear other applications people find it useful for.

BTW, I use it mainly in UK and Switzerland, but am also frequently in the USA and other places.
Welcome to our forum .Hope you find all the resources you seek and look forward
to any photos or videos you might post .
Any issues just ask.
Enjoy (y)
Agree with you 100%. I have a Spark which I love, but inconspicuous little Tello is perfect for quick aerial snapshots where even Spark might be too intrusive.

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