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Light Very Hight Using Micro USB port


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Feb 4, 2019
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Well guys and girls, in this post I come to share a project that I tried to do with the other Tello, but I ruined the drone too much so that with this new Tello the light project I planned to do was achieved, there are 2 lights one red and one green, Those 2 mini LED lights are too powerful to illuminate that even serve with clear light to know where the Tello Drone is, the captures at the end of the post.

Mini tutorial of how I did it.

First I got 2 mini led lights that I don't know exactly what they are called,

Second, I did mathematical calculations to analyze what resistance I would take without burning the LEDs. Keep in mind that Tello's energy production where Tello's battery is charged is 5V (taken from a forum here of TelloPilots credits to people. They investigated that, they helped me a lot) If you don't know how to calculate the resistance of a led It is R = Supply voltage - LED led / mA voltage that is 20 if I am not so bad, what most people know here but well I am a beginner in this, do not blame me.

Third, he proceeded to weld the LEDs and with double-sided tape, hit the LEDs to the drone and voila, your Tello can now fly at night.

Flight duration: This modification tries to make the weight not so excessive for the Tello since it uses less thick cables and lightweight adapters without a doubt the weight was a somewhat difficult factor, the Tello in flight with some wind lasts me 11 - 12 flight minutes, with modification 9-10 minutes

PD: use a USB to MicroUSB adapter since I tested the micro USB connectors and the result was that the LEDs did not turn on and were well welded if anyone has help with that, I would appreciate it


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Jul 8, 2019
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Witless Protection

Nice light mod. That's still a decent flight time with the added hardware but the USB adapter seems rather bulky.

Suggest you try these Micro USB OTG adapters to lower the overall profile:


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Aug 13, 2019
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note that formula is actually R=(Vs-Vl)/A where Vs is supply voltage, Vl is LED voltage drop.
A is in amps. If you use mA, then resistance is in KOhms. Parentheses are mathematically necessary since rules of order of operations says to do the division first, when really you need to do the subtraction first.
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