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Live Camera not working in app


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Apr 30, 2023
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So i have this thing where when i connect to my drone i connect i can take photos and videos and they work normally but i cant see the live view from the offical tello app and the tello fpv app demo also doesnt show the camera. Ask me any quesions or for details i will send them over

I am using a TCL 20R 5g running android 11.

I ran the app on another phone and it worked fine but i dont have continous access to the other phone as it was a family members phone.
put the phone into airplane mode and re-enable only wifi. Should fix this
I missed the part where you said that you can take videos with no problem. So it's not a network issue but a video decoding / display issue.

The phone manufacturer has a problem with the vide codec implementation and only they can fix it. You can experiment with the rendering options Android developer settings to see if that changes anything but that is just guesswork
All TCL phones with tellofpv paid version installed.

TCL 20 se: 7
Tcl 20 s: 1
Tcl 20R 5G: 1

That is more than i expected since I never heard of TCL before.

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