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Love from Belgrade, Serbia!


May 13, 2018
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Hi guys,

After almost 4 years of a break in RC projects, this little thing got me and I just went to the shop and bought it. Just tried connecting it via WiFi and it worked, it's currently charging.

I'm an experienced programmer and hope to contribute a lot to this community, as I love DIY things like this small drone has.

Glad to be here!
Welcome to our newest forum .Hope you find all the resources you seek and look forward
to any photos or videos you might post .
Any issues just ask.
Thank you! It's great to have a community for just this one product I own, I'll definitely be here at least once a day. I'm still tinkering with the drone, I've made a few flights and it works well. I'll probably be focusing on making another app or helping others develop theirs as soon as I get familiar with all the options it has.

So far only thing that frustrates me is the lighting required for the IR sensors. I'm not really sure it's IR as peoeple talk online as IR emmits its own light. And there's one "blaster" and one "reciever". It needs at least 100W per 7-10 square meters in order to work well. Haven't tested it out yet, it was rainy here last days. Also our law doesn't allow night drone flying.
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But I really wonder why it has problem in low light. I've built IR sensors for Arduino before, with just 2 diodes. IR emmits a light with a frequency, but the other diode should see it. Don't know why low light would be a problem as the drone should light up the ground.

Either way... I managed to get video working with my VLC player on Windows. I don't know if it's my WiFi card but I get a ton of lag. It's probably around 1 to 1.5 seconds. Unbearable. With the app, on the phone wifi, I don't get that much. Will try on another laptop.
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