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Manual Flight mode


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Jan 10, 2019
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Good afternoon everyone

Can anyone tell me if I can put my daughters Tello into a fully manual flight mode - turning off auto take off and landing and auto hover?

Thanks for this


You can fly fully manual, but you can't disable auto take off or landing buttons. The auto hover is controlled by the Tello. You can try placing some electric tape on the little camera that is between the 2 height sensors.
Thanks for your reply ... so placing tape over the sensors should disable the auto hover?
Thanks for your reply ... so placing tape over the sensors should disable the auto hover?
I have not tried this, but since the little camera is what makes the Tello stay in place, by blocking it, should start drifting if it can't see. Kinda like flying in the dark. If you mean you don't wish it to retain altitude, then block the 2 big lamp looking sensors at the bottom. Those measure height.
I don't wish to retain any of the auto hover functionality at all e.g the pilot is responsibly for maintaining altitude and position on the ground.

I am however wondering if it will still be able to land with the sensors covered since you cannot manually land the Tello
You should consider another type of drone that will meet your requirements. They are cheaper than the Tello and are 100% manual.

You won't be able to land, since the Tello doesn't know it's relation to the ground.
You can manually land the Tello. Just press the left stick down, until it lands.
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Thanks Ansia

Covering the sensors worked as you predicted. Allows just about fully manual mode and take can be done manually using the motor startup and landing does work as well with stick down you just have to take into account ground effect when landing but it is still fine for what I need it for

Many thanks for your help
Could you land the TELLO reliably? I only managed to land it once with all three sensors covered.
Usually it just touched the ground and then the props automatically spin up and the TELLO takes off again.


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