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Motor replacement

Dec 22, 2018
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Is there any specific spec I need to look for, or will any 8520 motors work? I’d like to upgrade the motors and have more power, but I don’t want to lose any functionality
I burned a motor today. So I would like any info on this as well.I could kind of tell it was going bad. Is this the case with you/most replacements?
Look on Micro Motor Warehouse, they have a DJI Tello section if anything it gives you the dimmensions of the motors
Add me to the motor failure group.. Ordered a set from Micro Motor Warehouse.

NOTE that use of the 8520 motors will reduce the flight time by 1 to 2 minutes....they also claim more power...not sure what you would do with it though...it is, after all, a Tello....;)

I'll advise when they come and I get them installed.

(It's time for Tello to make replacement motors available!)
I went the convenient, cheap & fast route. I intend on getting a new Tello and use this one for testing/backup. Non OEM, Amazon prime fulfilled, $14.20 free shipping for all 4 motors. I should receive them tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

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