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New Firmware for Tello (

I have only recently purchased my Tello and am so far loving it!! Has been so easy to fly and keep control of.

I did notice however on the app that a new firmware of: v01.04.91.01 is available however the drone itself shows a firmware of: v01.04.92.01.

I'm in Aus and when I try to update, says that it already has the current version?

Anyone seern this or know what the difference between the 2 are?
Same here... bought it a week ago in the Netherlands. v in the app and v available and when i try to update it`s telling me i have the latest.
Alguien sabe las mejoras que incluye el firmware ?????? Es España omite esta nueva actualización pero no me atrevo a instalarla. ¿Alguien ha intentado la operación?
In Canada with the notice that a new firmware update is available: v01.04.92.01 (about 7Mb).

Updating doesn't seem to work:

Tech support says that only the following phone controllers will work:
So, not having one of these (Samsung Note 9), I'm apparently not able to upload. Flying has been fine though - the drone is super stable and responsive, though the wifi can be tricky at the start.
Anyone have any luck? Has anyone tried a direct USB connection?

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