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Dec 27, 2018
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Hi all,
I m a new pilot and i get my tello for Christmas.

I very familiar with computers and android phone but never try a drone before.
I ve installed the tello application on my phone a xiaomi redmi note 5 and everything is working fine very quickly
I m leavingnin France
I made 2 tests at the moments and both outside. That was fun.
After the second flight i ve been requested to update the firmware.
I ve tried and the update froze at 99%
I was not able to charge the battery and red line was blinking slowly.
Then i ve discovered the forum. Read several threads and try many things as suggested for similar situations.
At the end I ve restared several times the drone. Was able to re apply the firmware and now everything is ok again.
I can charge it.
In the forum i ve also discovered the altitude parameter and I ve changed it to 30. Not tested yet.
To conclude. Thanks to the forum it helps me a lot already.
Welcome to the forum.
I hope you will find our site helpful and look forward to any input , photo's/video's you might post .
Don't be shy and ask anything if you can't find it by searching .
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