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Nov 13, 2018
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ON, Canada
Purchased a Tello (Boost pack) during the Black Friday prices. Got it a little over a week ago. Cost me US$99 minus my DJI credit so only paid about $92. Great deal for a great little drone. Will be using it to fly around the house when the weather's too bad to fly my Spark or Phantom 3 Standard and for quick backyard shots.

VPS: Amazed at how well VPS holds its position considering it doesn't have any GPS, however as the manual states it doesn't work well on solid colour surfaces (like snow).

Using phone as controller: Took a little getting used to when flying with only my iPhone as the controller especially since I have only flew my Spark and P3S with controllers. Not nearly as much fine control in tighter spaces (like my house) so I have to be more careful and slower.

GameSir T1d controller: What a difference the controller makes (like night and day). Much more fine control and my iPhone screen is not blocked by my thumbs so I can see more of the screen. Also, many functions are now on the controller (Takeoff/land, flips). Not sure if it is possible to assign/program the left over buttons to do the other functions not already on the controller but it is something I will be searching about. The controller was definitely a worthwhile purchase as it makes flying the Tello much easier and I feel I have much more control over it than with just the iPhone.

Option to program Tello: Looking forward to trying out some of the programming apps for Tello like DroneBlocks and Tello EDU in the future.

So far very happy with the Tello.

First time flyer...been learning in house on iPhone. Just ordered the controller on your day and night comment.
So far lots of fun. Amazing little critter!
For me I much prefer the controller to phone control. If you go into Tello settings>Bluetooth Controller Settings>Game Controller Diagram it will give you what the controller buttons do even if not connected to Tello.

More Observations:
The Tello with its VPS and combined with the GameSir T1d controller makes me feel like I am flying a fully featured drone like my Spark or Phantom 3 Standard and I can't wait to try it outside on a day with no wind to see what it can do outside.

I do wish there were more flight apps that add additional functionality like Litchi and AutoPilot do to the DJI drones. I use an iPhone so I can't use the aTello Pilot that I am reading so much about that is available on Android.

I also wish there was some way to keep/access logs of flights like is available on DJI drones.

Today, I dusted off my Eachine H8 Mini which is a tiny toy drone that doesn't have VPS. What a difference the VPS on the Tello makes.

One other observation: Tello has no lights on the arms (not that they are needed). Even my Eachine H8 has lights which easily indicate which direction the drone is facing and warn when battery is low.

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Picked up a Tello a couple of days ago, and am very pleased with it's performance.

Have played with a handful of flying toys over the past decade. Single rotor helo, dual (counter rotating) rotor helo, and a couple of micro quads. I'm used to getting the trim straightened out during the first 30 seconds of flight, then maybe getting 3-4 minutes of flight time. It's sure nice to just takeoff and enjoy a solid 11 minutes of flying. No messing with holding altitude or re-trimming as the battery runs down.

No plans for a game controller anytime soon. It may well be better than my iPhone, but compared to what I'm used to, this is just wonderful.

From what I've read, the Tello's motors should be good for over 200 flights. No desire to do flips or tricks, but sure enjoy kicking back and flying it all over the house. Just amazing.
Bonjour Tello Pilotes,
Quelqu'un peut-il me dire comment enregistrer la vidéo d'un programme de droneblocks associés à mon Tello.
Bonjour Tello Pilotes,
Quelqu'un peut-il me dire comment enregistrer la vidéo d'un programme de droneblocks associés à mon Tello.

Haven’t used Droneblocks yet but have checked it out. I don’t think it has any camera control yet.


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