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No able to change the video bitrate


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Aug 24, 2018
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North of Spain
Hi to all.

I am having a problem with the video transmission bitrate. I use the official app. The video rate is always as auto (i am not able to change it) and videos are always recorded at 1 Mbts. Any idea about it? I also insist that my app is not able to remember the photo quality settings. Any time I exit and load the app again I have the same low-quaility settings :-( I think this is a quite common issue and I do not understadn why the last versión don not solve it.

As far I know unfortunately the app does not remember any settings. As far as the video bitrate is concerned, I have no idea what the problem might be.
I have also noticed this. Change the video setting to 4mbps and it doesn’t stick nor do the videos look any better.
I’ve noticed on fast mode the video seems to always drop out when performing a turn.
I’ve also noticed that the video compression doesn’t handle grass very well, lots of artefacts and pixilation.
Otherwise it’s a known issue that the settings don’t stick in the official app.

The drone was engineered excellently BUT after the season launch party, whilst still hung over, they coded the app and the SDK.
I am completely agree with you about the tello.
About the grass artifacts, the 2 worst thing to compress in video are the grass and thewater moving quickly (fountains, heavy rain, brave river). Coding algorithms for video are prepared for smooth images and smooth movements. In this two cases you have very sharp images and in the case of water moving the direfence between one frame and the next it is huge.

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