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Oct 23, 2018
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So let me start off by saying that I have both a Moto z force and a Moto Z2 Force. With that out of the way, otg works for usb storage devices like thumb drives but for the life of me I am unable to get a wired non battery powered controller to work with my phone. Bluetooth causes too many problems with downlink feed. Laggy controls.

So I finally after much deliberation and research went out to the tech store and bought the gampad mod for my Moto z phone. Opened aTelloPilot and after connecting to my Tello's wifi link, the app auto recognized my controller and I was up and flying. Zero lag. Zero latency between phone and controller, since the link is over a high speed copper to copper backing plate.

We all have been trying to mod our phones run emulator software with controllers, have all this extra wires, when all you need to do is buy a Moto z phone, any submodel will work, then buy the Moto z gamepad. Connect to WiFi log into your account with the phone and redownload the app onto that device, connect the controller and your off to flying.

Sure the phone could be the most expensive part but if your serious enthusiast about doing the impossible with the Tello and have the passion like I do, go get this phone and mod. It's so worth it. I

The only thing I don't have is a WiFi repeater or extra batteries. Just got new props, running Recon FPV props, still 2 blade, but smaller by a hair and not as much punch out of the gate, but will work till new oem get ordered. I'll be getting batteries, props, and a WiFi repeater.

WiFi repeater, what does everyone recommend? I looked at Amazon and I can't decide. Please give me info and help in finding the best for our American phones. My home wifi wall plugin wifi extender didn't work for video feed. So I need a more portable and better solution.

I hope I help someone with my information that I have shared. I hope there might be someone out there with as much passion as me and I hope to learn more to come from all of you!

DEV need to update face tracking to add option to follow a green or red ball. Something that it can focus on better, I would even go so far as to create a light up ball on a stick that the camera system will follow, that would be epic, because problem now is the fact of if you turn your face away from drone it stops tracking. Not to helpful when your trying not to trip and fall.
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Post a pic of your Tello with the props. I’m curious as to what they are.
Those look nice. How do they affect flight time?

P.S. take the prop guards off. Fly in the wild side. :ROFLMAO:

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