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Perhaps the best Tello video I have seen so far.

Wow... nice Locations! Videos look very stable, due to no winds? Its hard to get moments with complete no winds :)

This is a nice video and enditing. I am gong to do something like that - but still learning to get the feel for the right szene, perspective and flightpath!!
Yeah, really nice. Very talented flying and editing in some lovely locations.

Some of the sequences were remarkably sharp. The camera continues to impress :)
excellent video there.

actually maybe too perfect. i haven't ever captured or even seen video at least close to this quality from tello (even on maximum bitrate keeps being pixelized and losing details everytime i move).
I thought the same thing that it is super unusual at that altitude to have absolutely no wind. Excellent video whatever
Good to see something so remarkable that there is disbelief . That sort of thing will only make the author prouder.

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