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PID tuning for tracking?


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Feb 8, 2023
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After searching and following many videos, I was able to make my tello to follow an ArUco marker, and it flies pretty smoothly.
But I still want to find the perfect PID values for it, but do not know how to achieve it.
Currently I am using this simulator where marker detection is already implemented and now I'm studying and trying to implement the tracking.
Ultimately I want to run many simulations and find the fitting PID values from the informations obtained, but I'm not sure if this is the right way to do this.
It would be really helpful if anyone can give me an insight on this. Thank you
There can be no general recommendation for PIDs because it also depends on implementation.
I have no experience, how realistic the tello-ROS2-gazebo simulator can simulate the physical behaviour. Values, that you dertermine this way can be a good starting point for further "trial-and-error" in real-life.
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We only have experiencer with the DJI system for the Tellol. -- DJI flght carper and mission pads. However we use arUco marker with the makerfire LiteBee and Shost system. That is their standard. with their kits. They call them QR codes,which they are not. /we alkos use QR codes with the ZUMI sULV system. We are not into CV but can use their coding systems. and CV, SDK, etc. You can hack from one system to the other if you have the time and funds. You will find that each system and country ave various stre i>e. Japan, S. Korea, and Taiwan., See some of our video's on these systems 6and simulations on Youtube MECATX. Good Luck. you can contact me at [email protected],

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