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Please recommend a Tello carry case

Portable Handheld Storage Bag Handbag Carrying Case for DJI TELLO Quadcopter | eBay

That's the one i bought from Amazon... cost more but was here in two days. Like it ok, but would more if it was a bit bigger and had an outside pouch for cables and misc.
This is the one I use works very well holds everything I need but the charger. It will hold 4 batteries as well. 5BF46806-F4F2-43F4-AB3E-746943E78F7C.jpeg
you can go to a local harbor freight store and get a apache waterproof case for cheap. it has pick out soft foam and works great. mine holds my tello without prop guards attached, lower layer has charger and 2 batteries, then top layer has tello and a skinny 4,000 mah power bank.

i have a bigger Apache waterproof box that used to hold a Yuneec Breeze but now is just collecting dust, with hopefully soon a wifi repeater(s) and some more extra batteries and accessories, ill buy new foam and make the bigger case into my tello platform case, it may be overkill, but waterproof crush proof cases are nice to have
As menitoned in the FB forum it depends what you want to do.
Keep everything neat and tidy for a walk to the park, great: The cheapest solution on the chinese market should do OK.

But if you want to travel requirements are different. You want a tough shell with a shock absorbing inlay. You will not want any accessories in the same compartment as Tello. I still have one of my birds grounded due to this (battery worked lose, ended up on top of one motor, then everything got squeezed and pushed and I had a broken motor. I was lucky that the battery wasn't punctured).
Now I just use a Hello Kitty box with foam insert for the drone, so small I take off the props and keep everything else separately. Lipos go into a Lipo bag for travelling. Even small ones can be nasty:
So, can you add foam back to the case so you can reconfigure the case for something else at a later time?
Yes when you get one or when you go to look at them, you'll see that they consist of sheets of foam, usually 3 layers, not including foam piece in lid that comes out too. It's meant to highly modular

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