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Problem with Xiaomi repeater and bluetooth controller.


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Mar 9, 2018
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Kempton Park, South Africa
Hi guys. Got my repeater connected to my Tello. Works perfect when i just fly from phone, Huawei P9 lite. As soon as i try to connect with Gamesir T1s, i have a 20 sec. delay in control, and then loose video after a couple of seconds. If i dont use repeater, i can fly as normal, with bluetooth controller with no delay in video feed or control signal. I have seen guys on YouTube flying with repeater and controller, and it works. Cant understand why i have such a delay when using the repeater. If someone maybe have a solution that i havent tried, i would be very thankfull.
Well, there definitely are lags and conflicts between wifi link and Bluetooth connection. It just gets worse with the extra power of a repeater. All the same with other BT devices such T1D... The only joystick not affected so far is the Gamevice (no BT on this one).
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Yes, i also thought so. I am just waiting for a new OTG cable, then i will try it again with the aTello app from Krag. Hopefully then it should work, because no bluetooth connection to controller.
Ok, tried on my S8+, and it doesnt kill the bluetooth connection between controller and phone. Now it works as i wanted it. I will use my Huawei P9 lite with the OTG cable on aTello app. Seems the older phone cant handle the strong wi fi signal from the repeater, hence it kills the bluetooth connection. Didnt really wanted to use my daily phone for flying, but so the experiments go :)

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