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Python interface


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Mar 5, 2018
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Twin Cities, MN
If anyone is feeling adventurous, I don't have a Tello yet - but I've been working on a Python interface.

Python interface for the Ryze Tello drone · GitHub

UPDATE: Code is now maintained at microlinux/tello

I ran it against a stupidly simple Tello "emulator" to verify it's not insane. Beyond that it's untested early code.

UPDATE: I now have a Tello. So far, it hasn't started on fire when using the module.
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Hey microlinux, it worked fine right up until the code asked it to move:


In theory, your Tello is about to ...

1.) Take off
2.) Set speed to 2 MPH
3.) Move up 2 feet
4.) Move foward 4 feet
5.) Move left 4 feet
6.) Rotate clockwise 90 degrees
7.) Rotate counter-clockwise 270 degrees
8.) Move forward 4 feet
9.) Land

The Tello will begin flying after entering the IP address of this computer

IP address of this computer:

Intiating take-off
Tello response: OK

Waiting 10 seconds before continuing

Setting speed to 2 MPH
Tello response: OK

Waiting 2 seconds before continuing

Moving up 2 feet
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "tello.py", line 417, in <module>
print 'Tello response: %s' % tello.move_up(2)
File "tello.py", line 271, in move_up
return self.move('up', distance)
File "tello.py", line 187, in move
return self.send_command('%s %s' % (direction, distance))
File "tello.py", line 299, in send_command
raise RuntimeError('No response to command')
RuntimeError: No response to command
This I believe is an issue with the firmware. I don't get an error using Scratch or their Python3 code but it does stop responding.
This I believe is an issue with the firmware. I don't get an error using Scratch or their Python3 code but it does stop responding.

Thanks for trying it out! I will hopefully have a Tello soon to do more testing.

Did it stop responding using Scratch or the Python3 code after issuing a couple of commands, or were you able to get further with those?
btw. has anyone looked at the firmware, DAT files, raw network protocol yet? ;)
btw. has anyone looked at the firmware, DAT files, raw network protocol yet? ;)

I took a look at it from the standpoint of examining the code in the Tello app. It would seem they are using ssl certs for encoding the net traffic. That shouldn't be a problem for someone who understands encryption. But thats not me. :)
Hello microlinux, Python commands are working just fine for me using your script. Nice job !
Does anyone know if there is somewhere a full list of tello commands ?
Well I am not a specialist but Tello is broadcasting live to the phone app so this answer from Ryze does not make a lot of sense...
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That was basically my answer ... but it looks like they don’t want/plan to share access with developers
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Thank you. I already had this doc but finally your script is a good doc in itself.
I was more looking for commands for the photo/video features of the drone... can't find this anywhere.

Thank you again.


At the moment, only the functions in the SDK docs are available.
Here is an example application I threw together that uses the tello module. It's basically a slightly fancier version of the demo script that comes with the SDK. I tested have it briefly, but not thoroughly (need more batteries!).

Tello Advanced Remote Drone Interface System (TARDIS)

[user@server tardis]$ ./tardis.py -h
usage: tardis.py [-h] [-m] [local_ip] [local_port]

Tello Advanced Remote Drone Interface System (TARDIS)

positional arguments:
local_ip Local IP to bind (
local_port Local port to bind (8887)

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-m, --metric Use metric (meters/KPH) instead of imperial (feet/MPH)

I tried your "tardis" script but I had to tweak things a little bit. My guess is that you use python 2 on linux, and I use python 3 on windows. I had to modify the syntax (basically add some '(' and ')' in some functions and also install a windows version of the curses library.
As I am not a code expert I was pretty proud of myself when I first saw the screen appearing with the list of commands and the history fields. Unfortunately commands didn't work and did not append the history list.
My guess is that I have a syntax error (even without error messages) and something should be modified in the script to use with py3, maybe in the "response=drone.command(param)"
or in the wrapper command at the end of the script.
Again, my knowledge of python is limited and old...

I'll retry because it is fun.


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