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Quarry in Bavaria

Very nice... Just curious, how high were you? Looks like more than 10 mt.
Yeah, I thought you were up nice and high! That extra altitude makes a difference. Good range! Did you use a Wifi extender? Thanks for sharing.
No extender, just my regular setup: Samsung S3, running aTello 0.92 and Gamesir T1s via OTG (Bluetooth off). There were no other Wifi sources in the vicinity, which helped achieving such a distance.
Definitely. Wifi and BT are in the same frequency band, so there is always some sort of interference. There are quite e few reports on bad video quality with the stock app and Gamesir connected via BT.
Thanks... So.... with an OTG cable can connect? I also have a Samsung Galaxy 8. By Tello 0.92 you mean the app version?
aTello (written by Krag) can be found here, along with detailed instructions: Android testers needed.
0.92 is the current version. Imho, it works a lot better than the stock app. There is virtually no lag in the controls and in the FPV video.
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