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QUESTION: How crash resistant is the DJI Tello? Share your stories!


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Mar 18, 2021
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Hello everyone!

I have the DJI Tello a week and I had 5 stupid crashes.
3 times because my phone decided to connect to my home network and so it disconnected and the drone drifted in the wall and it fell pretty hard on the ground.
Sensors were not available, app showed the warning message.
Now my question is how crash resistant is this drone?
Also, after recalibrating everything and it flies like always everything is good right?
It's a new drone so I do not know what it can handle when hitting a wall, hitting the ceiling etc.
Share your stories!

Thanks in advance!
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I'm a lousy pilot, so I've crashed mine most times I've flown it and it's still flying!

I flew it at speed into the chimney on my house. It bounced down the roof and landed on the roof of my car. It slightly dented my car, but the Tello only suffered a broken prop-guard (not actually part of the Tello itself).

Another time I flew it into an oak tree (with the prop-guards on) so it hung itself up on the twigs about 10m (30ish feet) above the ground. I had to climb ladders and the tree itself to get it down. That was pretty scary at that height I can tell you! But no damage to the Tello at all. Still flying!
this happened in 2020 and 2021

I was trying to fly it and it kept on drifting and the motors got stuck on a blind of the living room window but it still works.

another time that it happened was just self caused so the drone was drifting toward the reef so I put my finger at the propellers still flies just fine.

yet another time happened today in a different room so the tello drone drifted to the corner where the radiator is at and idk how to stopped flying butt it dropped to the floor next to the radiator still flies just fine.

tied to the 2nd one so my drone was moving to the left and I wasn't moving left (wasn't pure left) so I will leave out the part where the drone propeller hit my cheek (full story) so it was moving toward the window and the propeller flew off and it dropped from about where the lights height was at just had to place that one propeller back on and put the battery back in (haven't flied yet so I think its ok).
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So today I’ve experienced my second crash that cost me $100 in my local currency to fund the SAR. I had to hire someone to help climb the roof and get permission from my neighbor to access his roof. Not fun. My Tello flew to an undetermined height; it was far up enough in the sky that I can no longer spot the tello, let alone see it on my phone.

I've never taken it to 30 meters high so I won't know if it reached that high or if it was higher.

It began landing and it seems to have accepted my throttle up command , so it must have broken the fall somewhat.

The thing I confirmed from my own real life experience about the tello today..... is that if it tried to land, on its own from a height greater than say 20 meters , it won't make a gentle lending. This happened twice for me already, for each crash.

It would somehow at least flip once so it would hit the ground upside down. For this reason, I will not take off my propeller guards to cushion the fall.

More about the experience here :

As for the damage : Maybe some additional scratches on my prop guards. The force of the impact whacked out all four propellers including my 3D printed battery cover. Battery's thankfully intact thanks to the battery cover.

So my tello lives to fly another day! huzzah! I won’t be flying that high anymore for now I suppose, or at least make sure I get good wifi reception.
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I regret letting my friend use my Tello. He flew it like 10 metres up in the air on fast mode, and then crashed into some building like 500 million times, making it fall and scrape all the way down and losing all of the propellers. Even the propeller guards got snapped!

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