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Sdk wrapper for .net core

It's very interesting, to see if we all get something nice together.
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Updated the code. Fixed several bugs. It also supports the start of a feature where a JSON file containing commands can be sent to the drone. There are still several bugs around the feature that I am working on.
Hi @Pete ,

I'm also interesting in .net solution for control the tello drone. I'll take a look at your code, and hope that have a time to contribute there :).
Hi @Pete, I just downloaded your Tello SDK Core Net. I am trying to understand the solution. Could you explain, briefly, what the TelloAPI if for?
And what does the Simulator do that is different from the TestApp?

Finally, trying to figure out how to connect to the Tello drone (this is my first time ever messing with drones). when i plugged in the tello to my PC, the PC detected it and a light started blinking on the Tello. But a socket connection doesnt seem to be working between the Tello device and the app(s).
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I realized my USB wire is not compatible with Tello. So now i am charging (slow blinking blue light) the drone right now - perhaps this is why i couldnt get your sample code to connect to the drone.
I have been working on a .net core wrapper for the sdk. So far I have tested takeoff and landing but I plan to continue working on it. If anyone here would like to contribute the code can be found here: 8bitbytes/TelloSdkCoreNet

Have you managed to converts the bytes from the video capture? I managed to received but I don't know how create a picture for example.

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