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Second Introduction


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Jul 23, 2020
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Québec City
Let me do that more properly now that I spent some time around here. I just added a "description" in my YouTube channel, all of this is very new to me :

My name is Fari. For real. I discovered recently that my brain is different from what we like to call normal. I took some time without working to think about that. I quickly became interested in communicating without words. Art. That's new. Then I got Gizmo and I began to fly. This is a channel dedicated about learning about Fari. It's my main life purpose these days.

I'll add that I've been off work for some two months before I got Gizmo, a lot had happened in my brain and I'm feeling very fine with my condition and my relationship with the universe now.

Then the universe got rough on me. Very rough, I'm not out of the jello yet, my current creative surge attitude is linked with an incredible level of pressure I'm also dealing with.

This artistic thing is therapeutic.

It's nice to fly high but one need to ground itslef in order to face life on it's best ground.

So I spent some time cleaning and moving stuff, I added a spare SSD I had in my main computer to handle video editing with more confort.

I finally finished and closed the DIY mounting of my 2020 workhorse, Mainframe.

I found my old minidisc recorder on wich I recorded hundred of hours of music from another world and era and I put it back on track.

I am very glad to have found this community where I can share about this "niche" thing that is the joy of flying. Thanks ya'll.


Most of you are probably familiar with Gizmo yet, the Punk.

Introducing Cid; the geek.


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