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Some informations about Tello possibilities


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Sep 11, 2020
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Good morning everyone,

I'm python developer and for a project, somebody asked me if it was possible to use Tello EDU units to perform some movements. I discovered Tello EDU few days ago and I need your help for this.

The general idea is to use 7 or 9 drones and each units will perform different movements compare to each other. So we need to make them taking off at the same time, land at the same time and for the rest, different moves depending on the drone. I saw the maximum number of units is 4, is it true? And if we can have more, do you have some tutorials or explanations for me please?

Thanks for all.

PS : Excuse me for the mistakes I can have in my messages, English is not my mother language.

If I understand your request correctly. This is called swarm drone flying. There are many good exam[;es video and scripts available on git-hub. The IP of each drone has to be changed with a router that will reserve IP's ( WiFi protocol n at 300 mps ) In the videos, you can see many drone flying ( more than 4 ) They can be programmed with Python, Windows batch commands, etc. by IP to do various maneuvers ( fireworks displays ).We worked at some of this in the spring semester with students. It appears the new for coming DJI Robom,aster Tello Talent will have many of capabilities built in. If you email me at [email protected], i can send you some of this research that will save you time. Where are you located?

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