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Status Light Codes and is there an Error Log?


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Aug 11, 2018
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I was just do a short 5 min flight inside and noticed on the front status light that it was alternating between green and red. When I looked in the manual, I didn't see that pattern called out. Is there a more complete/recent list?

Also, occasionally get warnings/errors that show on the screen for a few seconds and go away. Is there an error log somewhere to review these?

Thanks for any help.
Ryze support did not have any immediate answer on the status lights. Video and other data being sent to their engineers.

I'd be interested in what others status lights are reporting if you have updated to latest firmware.
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I think I found what it is related to. I set the new height parameter to 7 ft for "protection" when flying inside. If I set that back to 30 ft, I get the normal two blink green. It must be some type of warning if you are within a certain distance to the height ceiling setting.
FWIW: Ryze just confirmed that the warning lights are normal and will go off if close to your set maximum height.

You can export data in the following paths:
Android: File Management/Local/SD Card/Android/data/com.ryzerobotics.tello/files/droneLog/
iOS: File Sharing/Tello/log

Now, interpreting the data is another issue. Tried csv viewer and got partial information.
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