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T1s black screen


Apr 16, 2020
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I have read and saw another post, I have turned USB debugging on on both phones, tried airplane mode with only WiFi and bluetooth turned on and used two different phones.

So my primary set up is a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge and it works great for a full battery when the drone is very close, but the screen goes black at about 15 feet high on that phone. I tried using the wifi extender and have had hit or miss issues with it, but the problem exists, and is recreated with or without it on the S7. I've had no other issues flying with either phone until I got the T1s today.

I also use an HTC one for when my 9 year old flies and when connected to the T1s it goes black screen intermittently usually at the 5 minute mark, we have not played with the wifi extender with that phone, because I've not been happy with my samsung results yet.

When the screen goes black in any case I get intermittent control, but very delayed 5 seconds after i push down on the joystick the drone lowers or any other movements. As long as I stay within 10 feet of the drone high or 20 feet horizontal it seems to work fine, I haven't gone past 20 feet as I'm in a back yard and don't have much space and we are on "stay at home" orders so I don't want to be out front "playing".

I am new to the tello and have done a lot of research and everyone either fixed it with the USB debugging, airplane mode, or updates, does the T1s have an update process, and could this have anything to do with it? I've read that the bluetooth and wifi when using video can cause issues, but I have the problem if I'm recording or not. I'm not near any power lines at all and had no issues yesterday as we flew it probably 10 times off the phone alone with no issues. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I do love how smooth this controller is, it's amazing my 9 year old is flying through obstacles and having a blast with it, so much that we are waiting on a tello edu now we ordered from DJI.

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