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Tello - Active Track (iOS) - Released! - New Orbit mode


Jul 29, 2020
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I want to introduce to you a new iOS app.
It's called Drony.ai.
Drony.ai lets you enjoy capturing amazing videos

Drony.ai present 2 intelligence flight modes (Active Track) with state of the art AI Engine.:
1. Trace mode - follow a moving object
2. Spotlight mode - stay in place and always watching you.

In normal conditions, it can defeat the new Active track 3.0
Also, you get full manual control over the drone.


Enjoy the video (Sound On!)
#computervision #autonomous #DJI #machinelearning

All core features should work - at least they do for me. But this is BETA quality software and not a final product. It certainly contains bugs or incompatibilities!
I accept no responsibility for anything - you are on your own so good luck and take care! Don't fly too far, too high.
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Nice video, the Tello just needs a mini Hellfire to make it think it's a Reaper drone. Will the app be as good?
Will the app work indoors? I would rather test in a confined space.
Will the app work indoors? I would rather test in a confined space.
Sure it will work but you need to be at least 10 ft away from the drone or you can try "watch me" first.
The drone will stand on the spot and turn around as you walk.
Hello. I have installed the app but I don't have or received an invitation code. How should I obtain one?
First, you need to install TestFlight app from the AppStore. after that just press again on the link from your iPhone and you will promote to download Drone.ai. or you can send me your email and it will automatically send you the app.

To join the Drony.ai beta, tap the link on your iPhone after you install TestFlight.

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Tried only few minutes due the bad weather here. Tracking and video ok, I will follow your work. Congratulations, good software!
The iOS app is released!!
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