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Tello cut off mid flight?


Sep 4, 2018
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Hi guys,

I've had a wierd morning today, yesterday my tello had been working great minus the few random turns it's performed,

Today I recal gravity and mui after some recommendations to reduce random flinches/turns and away I went, took a quick flight around my house, go downstairs, signal is full then randomly boom.

Don't know if I had an impact and it shut all motors down (I wasn't moving drone though so doubtful) but I went downstairs to my tello solid red light saying navigation system error?

After that I recal the mu and went to launch then straight after system overheat protection kicked in, I know the tello can't sit for long periods of time which may have been because of the mu but it seems to heat really fast when stationary, is this normal?

Thank you all for your help!

Welcome to Tello :)

I've been more on programming (Python) side of Tello for about a month or so and have experienced pretty much what you've observed ... and had the same reaction as you

Most times, it follows the programs. Sometimes, however, it simply ignores a command ... but still sends an 'OK' return code.

After lots of coding and testing …

Full disclosure: Tello is a new product and at the 1.0 release level. Although new to drones, I do have a solid IT background … and anything at '1.0' is 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!' Actually any release that ends in '.0' is always full of surprises.

Good news is that the Tello is very rugged. Mine has gone off on it's own a number of times and bumped into all kinds of walls, furniture, etc. But, pick it up, dust it off and we're back in business.

I've heard that there should be a firmware upgrade in the near future .. so that may help.

Hope this helps,

Hey roberyt,

Thanks for the kind words, this is good to know, the frame construction and props do feel built well, I was more surprised at the fact it shut off mid flight, luckily I had the guards on, I think my tello may need some more outdoor flight in open areas as it's possible breaking in,

One motor seems to be working harder then the others by the sound of it too and hovering seems to trouble tello on some surfaces for me, laminate flooring, graphite top coffee table ect but all in I've been very pleased with it,

Does anyone know the thermal overheat cut off ? I want to determine if I should be enhancing cooling ability of the choosers because it does feel very warm!

Thanks a million
So guys, another attempt today, tello had a good charge and I removed battery for it to cool for a little (only Luke warm),

After I disassembled the drone again for another mui, this time was different, tello took around 6 minutes to do a calibration, I thought great this is new,

I went down to the park, hit the take off button and up it shot! Hovered low performed gravity cal and took it out for the longest flight it ever had on a single charge!

The tello is fantastic, was 100 percent stable in what Google says was 11kph wind and so much fun on high speed mode! Can't wait for more batteries to arrive and range extender seems I had zero issues what so ever with the little drone :D

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