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Tello Dji Somebody Know to connect whit App Inventor?

Hi, This was my project that I was doing. You can continue with it and improve it (the form is not the best, but what is important is the content). the commands are in Spanish. since I live in Dominican republic. when you have the improvements please share.

download from here


  • Tello_Controller.zip
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  • Tello_Controller (2).zip
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Hi, I tried your app and wont connect to tello. The status is "nada". Could yo help me, what to change? The ping works, the drone and phone connected on wifi.
is there a way to put the tello sdk 1.3 on as an extension? or this is already the sdk 1.3?

The above shared .aia versioñ contains udp client to communicate with tello which works well.

However, To receive the state data and the video you would need a udp server extension.
Is anyone still working on the Tello controller in Mit app inventor please
I would like to know how to enter the battery % charge as well as how to enter the height and distance the tello does
Please some help
Best regards

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