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Tello Error Codes

Hi folks, any clue on this as I am getting error 29 and the calibration won't get past 3/6 and the green light flashes fast but the calibration stalls. have tried it at least 10 times. sent email to support hope I get a reply. I have updated the software.
OK well here goes managed to crack this on my own ;-))) and I hope it helps others. Got rid of the Error 29 by re booting. The calibration was working ok but the prompt diagrams for turning it stopped at the third stage. SO I ignored the prompt diagrams and did stages 4-6 by watching the flashing green , when it flashed fast I turned it even though the diagram didn't alter and it worked the calibration was a success, yeah! Must be a fault in the software coding. we know about these things as my lad codes for a living. hope this is clear if not let me know and I will try to make it clearer.
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Final comment. Heard back from support they said thanks and will forward the bug info to team. Got to be a good result.

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