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Tello Flight controls


Oct 25, 2018
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Hello everyone

Escuse me for my English, I wanted to know if it is possible to modify the controls of joystics, I did not find,
there are only 2 modes of piloting, mode 1 and mode 2, and I use precisely mode 3,
how can I do that?


did the manufacturers think of a software update?

Thank you so much ;)
The manufacturer only included 2 modes. You can write to them and suggest the mode 3 for the next update. If they agree to it, it can be included in the next update.
Hello everyone, escus me for my English one more time :rolleyes: ... it's not the native language

I rest my question and differently...

On the Tello there are currently 2 flight control modes for flight control, mode 1 and mode 2 ...

Do you know if developers will also go out modes 3 and 4? or the ability to manually configure flight orders?

Thank you and good day ;)
You have to talk to Ryze to get an answer - they don't monitor this forum. But I strongly doubt they are considering such a feature.

in tellofpv you can map your sticks to the drone axes any way you want.
Hmm, I have already contacted Ryze many times but they are not aware .... and for Tellofpv, it's on android only no?
I have an iphone ... and I can not find this application ....

It's still a pity and weird not being able to configure the controls, on other drones I can have the mode that suits me ...

Thank you for your answer ;)

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