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Dec 26, 2018
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Milton, Vermont, USA
Just had the chance to try the demo app outside. The RTH feature alone makes it worth the cost. I flew it for a couple of minutes, hit RTH, and it came back to within a couple of feet of where it took off.

I just bought it and will try out the full version later.

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Seems that TelloFpv is pulling folks into this forum. Great. the more the better.

On a side note: I just though about when I used my larger drones the last time and I could not remember. I do remember the weather was better back then. Maybe 2 months ago?
Keep up the great work and i will be letting everybody i talk to know about it.

That is the key to success these days. There was a YT channel from Italy with two short videos, where he showed very little but mostly talked. This triggered a significant increase in downloads from Italy.
Now I just need o get my feet into the doors of some larger YT channel. So if anybody is best friends with the owner of a larger related YT channel let me know!

and maybe facebook. Seems I have finally to join facebook after ignoring it for over a decade :(
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I would recommend a youtube channel with a small demo of the software and let know that way as well.

Youtube is FREE still ;)

And i can promise you that a lot of the folks here would be happy to spread that link to your channel to help :)

What do you say everybody, Good idea?

Press "LIKE" if you are willing to help spread a youtube link if he gets a demo on there !!!

Na, just received a lifetime ban for my main YT account a couple of days ago :ROFLMAO::LOL:

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