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Tello Kitty Christmas

? hi, first time poster, new drone I purchased to use to take some nice pics with while traveling over seas with the wife & exhange student.

Sousmarine that is one good shot. How the picture quality outside with it, I’m asking cause it seems that they do pretty well, I seen pics on the forum that look good for a 5mp camera . Thoughts?

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Thanks guys - Happy New Year to you!

Livingitup80, thank you! I find the quality outdoors can be better than indoors as there’s generally more light - as long as you’re not flying too far so as to compromise the wifi signal. You do need to also adjust the exposure setting in order to have a good baseline too so the camera has enough of a dynamic range to work with. Have a look at some of the other videos here for great examples of outdoors footage, including my snowy duck pond video. Cheers!!

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