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Tello no fly zone

near airports? It's a no fly-zone

Don't ever try to fly your drone near airport or military base. You can download some apps that shows you the No Fly Zone tho. Please obey the local regulation, or in case you wanna get caught by local authorities.
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Totally agree with the previous response.
Don’t fly near ANY restricted airspace.
Enjoy your tello safely and responsibly without infringing any regulations.
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It can since it not built in GPS and have no restrictions from unit itself, but you should no fly it in airport since security guard will get you

Anyway if you have private property near no fly zone and you want to fly in house or at garden with max height 10 meter I think it no problem.
Obviously much of Nevada is a no fly zone! lots of military practice bombing areas and of course there's Area 51 as a big NO-FLY ZONE.
I totally agree with the previous response because it hasn’t got GPS, so it won’t stop you from flying.

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