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Tello pilot from SEA


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Jul 18, 2022
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Hi Everyone!.. I was originally flying DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

After which, realised it's too huge and bulky to carry to overseas and when rules started to build up so fast in year 2017~2018, decided to check out the new Tello that was launch that period..
Brought one immediately as I was flying overseas and wanted to catch some good photos.. sadly.. the photos are not as amazing as vision+ but again.. what's to complain as it's still a bird eye's view.. :)

After which, my Tello has been sitting in my cupboard for years since 2018 till now.. I did a little flew up and down.. it's was fun again.. thus decided to check in and saw so many other forums created..

Just brought a new battery for my bloated battery as well.. attempt to charge it but fail.. A good thing is, I always have spare.. and one is working and did not bloated. I guess cause I dun really use that battery often (more for back up flights if required)

Hope to chat up soon.. :)
Welcome to the forum .👍
Never Never try and charge a bloated battery. They can explode
and cause a fire. Never trust one to fly with or you might be
buying another drone.
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Just received one vs my old one (non-bloated) the bloated one was disposed.. :)


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looks good to me. some time back in 2020 (?) they added manufacturing date and serial numbers to it.

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