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Tello. Stories: First meeting with kids (Story 1: "Tello and Fitness")


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Aug 18, 2018
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Dear friends!
On a sunny August evening, when the sun was no longer so bright ...
Tello decided to play sports!
He wore a sport uniform (a modification of SpiderTello *) ,
planted the rider (Adventure of Prilipala **)
and flew to the sports field, where there were old, long-forgotten sports equipment.
But something went wrong!
And the first attempt was immediately ...
And suddenly there were kids.
Tello made the first meeting with kids who know YouTube very well!
Strong wind constantly prevented Tello to do fitness. Most tired legs and fell off.
Tello was watched by the guy with the green buckets all the time. He walked back and forth and pretended to fill
em water in buckets and carry them home. Probably, Spy thought Tello, was distracted for a second and ... caught on an iron pillar. But it turns out that Tello was not only watched by a guy, a cat was hunting him! And as soon as he fell, the cat rushed to the attack ...
Tello was saved by the kids he just met. What a good acquaintance Tello thought! How nice that I got out today to do fitness and make new friends. Should continue in the future, our communication with such wonderful kids ...

Thanks for watching!

* "Tello. LifeHack: SpiderTello"

** "Tello. Adventures of Prilipala. Part 1. SpiderTello and the Passenger"
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