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Mar 3, 2018
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For all of us early Tello purchasers, let's understand the obvious. It appears to be a common way these types of products are now released. It is tedious, complicated, cautious and based on economic decisions. First the product comes out, like the Tello. Acceptance and sales is measured before inventory is increased and support products like batteries and props. You can already see the aftermarket products rushing in to take advantage. Just look at the third party case and battery makers pushing their stuff already, surely annoying to the original product manufacturer as they, like parasites try to cash in on the hype, too. Or perhaps, in some cases, the manufacturer appreciates the supporting products, like cases, which Ryze will likely not produce. It's a waiting game. Then when we get all set up, we wait for Tello 2. Right?
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Good points! Any guesses on what a Tello 2 would be like?
Sure. Any current feature, better. Better range, more time, more features, better camera, better video, all or a few of these. There is always something to look forward to in the NEXT issue of every drone, every phone, every electronic gadget. They become obsolete in a few months. But they become better, too, after purchase, during their support period, thru online firmware updates that come right to them from the manufacturers.
You're right about there always being the NEXT thing. I was originally looking to get a Spark, but I had a feeling a new version would be out soon. So I bought this drone instead for the time being.
Yeah for sure.. the power of NEW. I have to say that DJI is brilliant at building up intrigue and anticipation in bringing out new products. I have to say though I am quite satisfied with my little Tello. I would say my druthers for a Tello 2 would be, probably 1st, on board at micro sd photo storage and yes, range.

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