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Tello: worth it for photographers?


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Apr 22, 2018
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Surrey, UK
I must confess that I'm still fence-sitting about the Tello. The main reason I fly drones is for photography. Like regular cameras some drones are big and bulky but shoot high quality images whereas some are small and cheap and produce barely usable pictures. The Tello seems to fall somewhere in the middle to my mind.

I'm very aware of the current limitations of the Tello's video output but have been impressed by the quality of its still images, even from a 5MP sensor chip. The Tello seems to me to be a great little snapshot camera drone, for use in situations where space is limited and you need to, quite literally, throw a drone in the air and shoot groups of people, small events or whatever.

Has anyone used the Tello for such purposes yet and what did you think about the results? Too many people are calling the Tello a toy drone but I think it's more than that. Would love to hear your observations.
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Hello. Sounds like you and l might be of similar minds, at least photographically speaking.

The Tello's video is not very good, or at least l have not had good results. I think the main reason is, as l see it, the Tello has no on board memory. So your video us at the mercy of how well it is streaming to your phone.

Photos are another story. I am continuslly amazed at the results, as is. No photoshoping etc. Produces clear, natural and very nice colour balance.Also posts from other people here are a good indication. I have taken some 'snaps' and realize they are quite good! The Tello's still camera is very nice. Certaimly not a toy.

Also, the Tello is so much fun to fly!

Spend a few quid and get one and enjoy!
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I have used the tello for short video clips on my YouTube vids but nothing major as it’s not great at Video as mentioned previously, but if you want some photos just for social media, Instagram Facebook etc then they are great for getting quick shots. The last couple of weeks I’ve thought about selling my tello and getting a spark as I’d love better video, but it’s just so convenient to take this little quad out and get great little shots of days out etc that I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. I just throw it in my bag everyday without any case I may add ? and it’s there ready and waiting and super quick to just literally throw out and get a shot and put it back in my backpack. Look on Instagram for to see if the quality is to your liking first, I’m TelloPilot on there. ?
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Point and shoot is a great analogy.
Go into it with that view, aware of the height, range and wind limitations and its a fantastic tool.
You arent going to set the world on fire but the output is definitely useable.1524558920500.jpg
This has had a little touch of processing on my phone but not a lot.


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Thanks, great tips. Hadn't thought about social media but I guess this is the perfect drone for it. I'll definitely check out your Instagram account and get some more inspiration. :)
I also agree that the photos are ok for social media but nothing you'd want to enlarge much if at all. The main value is definitely the POV you get from the Tello.
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