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TelloFpv on RC Pro, will the sticks work?


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Nov 13, 2018
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ON, Canada
I have an RC Pro controller that I use with 2 of my other DJI drones. I have loaded the original Ryze Tello app onto the RC Pro controller (Android) and it works fine but the sticks don't work, only the onscreen controls. If I purchased the TelloFpv version for Android would it be possible to get the sticks built into the RC Pro controller working with the app? This would be great as I could use this controller which has a built in screen with the Tello. I have the iOS version of TelloFpv and currently use it with my iPhone and a GameSir T1D controller, but being able to use the RC Pro would which is a purpose build controller would be just perfect.

Is this possible @volate!lo?

Just realized that there is a Demo version of the TelloFpv app in the play store so I downloaded it and tried it on my RC Pro controller and it does work but still the sticks do not work. There is an option in the settings to enable DJI controller or something like that but it has no effect on the sticks on the pro controller. Regardless, I like the TelloFpv app anyway as I have used it on my iOS phone and it has way more functionality than the stock app so I will be paying for it and downloading it to use on my RC Pro even if I have to use the virtual sticks. Would have been amazing to use the built in sticks though.

Even though the TelloFpv Demo app runs perfectly on the RC Pro controller the full paid version will not work because it needs the Play Store installed to check licence information. There are ways to get the Play Store on the controller but I am not willing to risk bricking my controller or voiding my warranty so I will just live with the fact that I cannot install the full paid version on my controller which is a shame because it works perfectly and having one controller to fly multiple drones (even the Tello) is very convenient.

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Oh my, sorry for being late to the party. This ****** Corona stuff knocked me out the second time now. I have also just seen your emails
Your conclusions are right, the app requires play store. Sad but true the Android piracy problem just sucks.

I can't offer alternative installation paths for special devices because it would introduce new exploits and then the piracy rate would even further increase. Sorry.
First of all, I hope you are feeling better. I am so tired of the coronavirus and can't wait until it is finally over.

No problem about TelloFpv. I have the Android version installed on an Android tablet that I use in conjunction with my iPhone to fly my old Phantom 3 Standard so the money wasn't wasted. TelloFpv is on a whole different level than the stock Tello app so it is worth supporting your development of the app even if I can't run it on my Pro controller. I just wish DJI would support the Play Store on their Pro controller as there are other third party flight apps that are also paid apps and rely on the Play Store for install.

In the meantime I was able to install the stock Ryze Tello app to the Pro controller but it has nowhere near the functionality that your app has.

Take care of yourself,
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