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TelloFPV (or Tello?) lost video feed


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Jan 31, 2022
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Malaysia, Selangor
Greetings Pilots,

For some reason after flying for a few minutes with working live video feed, I hand landed my tello and turned it off. Then the live video feed stopped working after turning it on. You can tell the Tello is working because of the pitch and roll indicator is moving as I moved the Tello. I could also throw and fly the tello and it accepted inputs. Any ideas how this could have happened ? How do I prevent this ?

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Looks like Tello did not send any video data, but I honestly have no clue why. It's not like the video protocol they use has any special mechanisms to make it reliable.

As long as it does not happen inflight and the problem fixes itself after a restart I would not worry much. Sometimes things just happen.
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Well I guess it is what it is, it happened today too upon turning it on for second flight today after a battery swap.

What I tried :
Opening the official tello app. No feed as well. Screen is dark, only error tello was tilted as I had it tilted.

Pulled out my toushi wireless repeater and connected directly to the tello. No feed as well

Observed conditions that may trigger it (requires more tests to confirm)

1. completed one flight lasting from start till batt low

2. iOS screen recording was running when I turned off the tello after flight ended.

3. I was on my Toushi wifi extender.

Fix that seems to work :
Turning off tello, then turning it back on.

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