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Tellopalooza Sale


Jan 22, 2021
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Hi all -- I'm selling a whole lot of Tello. Here's a link to my Facebook Marketplace ad (more pics there):

Tellos For Sale

Willing to ship to someone on the forum. Also will trade for something bigger. Make me an offer!

From the ad:

Selling a mega-bundle of Tellos and accessories. I got into Tellos so I could learn how to fly. There's so many batteries that each has only been used a few times. I want to move on to bigger drones now, so that's why I am selling.

Everything is like new except the Tello with #2 taped on it. Looks and flies perfectly but has a camera sensor error. According to lots of videos, you can fix it yourself. The other Tello has only been flown a few times, never even been outside.

What you get:

-2 Tello drones
-Ts1 controller
-OTG controller-to-phone cable
-8 batteries
-3 three-battery chargers
-4 extra propeller guards
-2 propeller removal tools
-More than 20 extra propellers in addition to the eight on the drones (almost 30 props!)
-Excellent Tuoshi USB wifi extender that easily triples the flight range and is really easy to use.
-New long-lasting 10,000mAh battery pack with emergency light to power the wifi extender, plus charge phones/tablets (only charged once)
-Hard shell case that fits drone, remote, batteries, charger and extra props

This is obviously a great deal for the right person as I've sunk a lot more cash into this than I am asking for. I've fallen in love with these little guys, but it's time to graduate up. I'll consider trading it all for a bigger drone if it's in good condition. Make me an offer!


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