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Various Tello Lighting Mods. Downlights, top case light, floodlights


Nov 2, 2018
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Various lights, powered off Tello micro USB port, off the shelf selfie phone light with internal battery or off small pill type battery. Unfortantly the final view is of a unit I built using flashing blue/red diode led, the still picture does not do it justice.

Regarding night flying, the downward lights allow a Tello to position hold up to 12 to 18 inches above the ground. All testing I have done nothing allows stability above this height in the dark. However the lighting does improve visibility in the dark of your drone and the floodlights allow you to see the drone heading at any altitude.

Flight times are 11 mins for under case light. 10 mins for landing legs or forward flood lights that are connected and powered by the Tello.


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Great idea! And even the flight time isn't that much affected. This is first of all the LED mods I am considering to do.
I don't understand where can I find similar LED pcb like that???
To connect power out of Tello micro usb I used a Male micro usb to female usb OTG connector. These are available on ebay
DRN1, great info. Thanks.

A couple of questions related to a current project of mine - implement ViFly Finder V2 on my Tello that will alarm when the Tello is lost and has not ejected its battery.
1. In your light mods when the lights are powered from the Tello's Micro USB port do the lights turn off when you power down the Tello and with the battery remaining connected?
2. I think I understand that you had to use a Micro USB OTG connector to the Tello's USB port to be able to extract power from the Tello's battery to the lights. Correct?

As background (optional reading):
I am attempting to implement the ViFly Finder V2 on my Tello. I have seen on this forum the Finder's implementation nicely done. It will alarm when the Tello battery is disconnected. Through my own testing the pin that was used for power to the Finder seems to be connected directly to the Tello battery. That pin remains powered until the Tello's battery is removed. Therefore, if the Tello is lost and the battery stays connected the pin stays at the Tello"s battery voltage resulting in no alarm until that pin is at some low voltage. (I have asked ViFly what that threshold voltage is - no answer yet). The pin remains powered even when the Tello is powered off by pressing the power button or an Emergency low battery shutdown. I need to find a power connection that goes to 0 vdc on any of those described conditions also including a hard crash shutdown.
How about using the + and - wires for the LED on front of tello
SleepyRobo, thanks.
I Appreciate the suggestion. Considered that a while back and ran into a snag. The voltage to arm the ViFly Finder needs to be a continuous voltage not an intermittent voltage as I suspect goes to the front light. I am guessing the enabling (continuous signal) for the front indicator is deep inside the Intel processor. Any suggestions to get around that snag? Thanks, Steve.

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