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Video Recording Problems


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Dec 5, 2018
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I can't seem to understand why I can't record video on my new Tello Drone. It take still images. also how can i download pics to my computer
Can you specify what device you are using to control the Tello?

And just to be sure, are you tapping the photo/video toggle button (upper right corner, red circle added in the attached screenshot from Android)?

If you are indeed putting it into video mode, don't make my mistake and forget to tap the button to start recording (top, far right).

When you do get images or video, they will be saved to your controlling device. So, connect that to your computer to download the images.

iphone 7. it's showing recording but when I go into photos and videos. there is nothing in videos. This is maddening
the red recording button is showing time. when i press button to stop to see video nothing is there
How are you trying to view the video?: By clicking the play button next to the camera selection, or by using your gallery viewer?

On Android, I discovered that a separate folder had been created for storing the images ("TelloPhoto" I believe)

Perhaps iPhone will show a new album?

However, since I don't have an iPhone, I'm going to defer to someone who's been successful with that product, rather than mislead you with more guessing.
Just found this same problem being discussed in the Drone Discussion forum, thread title " New app version IOS".

It's a known issue.

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