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VPS unavailable

Jul 20, 2018
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When I take off i directly get the message "VPS unavailable, land as soon as possible"
I can fly but the wind will take it.
When i go higher, around 8 meters it starts landing.
How can is restore this?
Hopefully someone can help me.
Not sure what would cause that. Have you tried recalibration or even a reset?

Make sure the vps sensors on the bottom of the tello are clean and unobstructed.

Today I crashed my Tello and it ended up at the edge of a stream. It got a little wet. After drying it out, I tried it out but got an error that the Vision Positioning System was unavailable. I tried more drying but with no success and then a factory reset but there was no difference.

When I examined it closely now, I noticed a small amount of dirt lodged in the central of the 3 circles in the photo. I thought that was probably just a screw hole, so wouldn’t help, but decided to remove the dirt with a plastic probe. Hey presto, the VPS works again!

I know that the 2 larger circles are sensors, but what is that small central circle ⭕️?B05773C4-D0EB-4867-A19B-71E53F155B6F.jpeg
Olá,eu também estou com o mesmo problema no meu tello. Será que alguém pode me ajudar,já tentei tudo o que escreveram aqui no fórum sobre isso e não resolveu.

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