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What Australian regulations apply to Tello?

Koala Tails

May 18, 2018
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The CASA rules state “ A UAV over 100g can not be flown within 5.5km of a controlled airport”. The Tello weight is about 85g, so this rule doesn’t apply. My question is... does this mean a Tello can be flown in other restricted zones? I’m thinking about the No Fly Zone which is Sydney Harbour, I would very much like to take some pics around the edges of Harbour.
CASA regulations only apply to aviation situations.Other authorities such as individual local councis, National Parks etc have their own rules and restrictions
The no fly zone of Sydney Harbour is a CASA regulation. Your right National Parks, & councils have their rules also, about where you can take off, land, & they think that the sky above is theirs as well.
Hi, I found this thread when researching on regulations related to flying Tello in Australia.

So, if CASA regulation does not apply to Tello (based on the weight), and the park near me does not have a sign or rules on model aircraft, does that mean I can pretty much fly Tello in the park as long as I keep it in relatively safe distance from other people?

So far I only fly up to 2m height and no further than 30m from me. I also keep it away from other people, like 5m. Except with my wife, I like to hover it in front of her, taking photos and videos of her.

Anyone can share how they fly their Tello in Australia, especially within the area of Sydney?
CASA regulations apply in all airspace within Australian boarders, this include the air inside as well as outside.
Drones that are under 100g now fall under the Recreational rules.
They also fall under the Exemption Rules.
However, if you fly a Drone, any weight, in a hazardous manner you will be liable for any damage to person, animal or property.
So the Drone Flyer is responsible for flying their Drone safely.
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