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wifi booster

I don't think so.
What has been used is common repeaters, and this is like a USB wi-fi network adapter.
If you will fly indoor, try to setup your current AP to repeat Tello Signal and you will be good to go for a test.
I use the Xiaomi wifi extender, and it's great.

Take it easy, most of us check the forum once a week.
Hi..i cannot set my wifi name and password in tello..this makes me unable to connect to the.mi repeater
In what circumstances? If you are connecting your laptop to the drone, it may connect and get better range than the internal wifi card.

If youre connecting via a phone/tablet then it may not, that looks like it is a USB network adapter rather than a signal repeater.

I (like a lot of people on here) us a Xaomi WiFi repeater - I plug this into my phone via an adapter for power, some use a power bank.
That video totally helped me get it all set up!! It was great to watch that on my laptop, pause it and work through the different configurations and settings until I had it right, and then un-pause and move on.

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