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X to the z xzibit passed by my house and guess what ???

I advice you.Do not paint any prop.
Read what i have written in above post
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yap y can pain anything
just leav the props alone!!
so i went to buy some paint thinner to wash all the paint on the props and then repainted them with just 1 spray of light spray can paint very very thin .
the point of doing that for me is because today i passed over an hour looking in the parking for 1 props i lost while crashing somewhere and couldnt see it as the asphalt was nealry black grey so i tought to myself i need something to flash on the ground.

what do you think about a very very light spray of orange on all tip of those black props ??
do you think its enought to make the rotor go mad and break ??
do you think it can debalance everything ???
thanks guy for you're support
leave the props as is!!nothing on!!
no light X no nothing!!
you can not ever paint the props as balance as they are made !!
do as i did
order 4 sets of colorful props and enjoy mixing the colors front and back.
the only times in my life droping a drop glue on a prop was to balance it on a magnetic balancer
thus to eleminate vibrstions and motor shaft dammage.
as pink floid sings- leave the kids alone!!!
i did years of air photos as a hobbey
so many houres in air.
Rc gliders with HD cams on
quadcopters with cams stabilizers on
Rc electrical planes
Rc slope soaring with 10 gliders all in air
30 years of RC many are still in Youtube videos
I got to learn few things.......
I had build so many balsa planes and models...
Have fun
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At the moment
yellow front.
black is back..


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