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I read your comment on my offer for a GamesirT1d (Gamesir T1d + Xiaomi wifi repeater 2). Why would you comment like that? I know an otg controller is better but that doesn't mean you should comment on other peoples offers right? Let people decide for themselves. Cost f.e. could also be an aspect for people.
This new update is making my tello randomly unresponsive with controller and on screen and video very glitchy and pixelated and distance is terrible now
Just bought a Tello DJI Ryze. Had one flight, but now it will not connect to my mobile phone and my phone no longer connects to my wifi at home. What is going on? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime.
Hey Stele,

For some reason I cannot paste the drawing I made for clarification. I will attach it to your original post from a couple of days ago.

Hello everybody.
I'd like to buy a controller and I would like to ear your opinion.
I have a honor9 and Mi WiFi+ 2 extender to pilot my Tello.
How do you feel piloting with controller?
I would like to have better sensibility with the controller's sticks.
Is it better to use an otg cable to connect the controller to the telephone?
I wouldn't loose the video quality.
What do you suggest to me? Thks
Hi, I'm new to drones and RC. We bought a Tello to have a go an learn the basics with my son. We both have Motorola G5S plus phones I connected his first and it works a treat, so much fun! Then I tried to connect my phone I have only managed to get it to connect once but the picture was all free and red lines which made it useless. Can you use more than one phone on a Tello and if so how do I get mine to connect?
About one hr total flight time logged. Tough drone (2nd one), survived first fall, 12 ft no discrepancies, cool!
Hi, I'm interested in the Tello Barcode reading, can you give me some details/advises?
I program in Python, I would like to know what libraries you used to get such a good and fast result. I just bought a Tello so any advises are welcome.
I've just gotten a tello drone, used it for about 15 minutes and then it stopped working it just goes up and drops. I recalibrated several times and nothing
Been flying Tello for months now...FINALLY GOT MAVIC AIR...I Still love my Tello. Albuquerque New Mexico weather is great.
I have had 3 Tellos to date - 1 returned with defective video, 1 current, and 1 purchased for a relation. All flew fine, but 2 out of 3 would only record video in B & White with occasional purple & green additions. This happened with two different Samsung Note 3 or 4 phones, so it doesn't appear to be the phone. Is it a camera or a software problem - any ideas please ?

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